Sunday, March 1, 2015

32 Team Major League Baseball Expansion. And 5 or more MLB Cities

MORE MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL.  Check out two new schemed teams.

                    Portland Blue Socks
                    East Coast Expos

That's running some sox all the way from east to west like the American, white... .
The East Coast International Expos play in Charlotte and Montreal (again).

West Coast A's play in Oakland and Las Vegas.  Sometimes Vancouver?
California Angels also stretch out in Sacramento.
Rangers do their deed additionally in the central Texas area.
West, Central, and yep....East..... the Florida Marlins could play in Tampa too so that the Rays can leave.  Charlotte Rays?  Southland Rays?  Though I like my Mexican expansion idea of the Tampa Bay Monterrey Rays also.

Or do you think that Charlotte deserves it's own team over Portland?  We can drop Oakland's touching on Giants turf altogether and lump Portland-Vegas in for the West Coast Athletics.  An older idea of mine is that the Las Vegas-Montreal International Expos could come into play.  (See links below).

Charlotte Blue Socks also has a ring to it.  The Flights?  I've talked about a Southland brand in my blog.
That's a good name, huh?  Southland Brand.   Southland Band sharing time in Nashville with some Blues in New Orleans and Memphis, too.  A traveling band?  Char, Nash and Nolans' is spreading the love as an option against the Braves of Atlantis.

Any good ideas for a name?  Comment and help contribute to my links below:

Am I missing some in your mind?  Louisville, OKC and the likes of Little Rock and Omaha?  What would be a good centrally combined team in middle America?
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See way more talk about big league expansion, relocation and co-location throughout the blog:  INDEX        
 Like Norde Force NFL Football Canada
Money in a market required to hold a franchise.

  • $85.4 billion for MLB
  • $37.6 billion for the NHL
  • $36.7 billion for the NFL
  • $34.2 billion for the NBA
  • $15.4 billion for MLS 
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Portland Blue Sox for Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball in Las Vegas

WMLB and my Lady Redlegs v. the San Diego Madres

               and wouldn't a Monterrey Madres be nice? 

Las Vegas Montreal Internationals Baseball. Major League Experiment.

Options Options Options. What about this Relocation & Expansion 

for 32 team MLB ?

 Gulf Run Rays. Major League Baseball in Monterrey, New Orleans and Tampa 


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  2. My vote is for the Carolina Rays and West Coast A's of Portland.

  3. North Carolina should get a team,but not Charlotte. I live in Raleigh,the largest city in the Research Triangle region,which is already home to 2 million people; half of whom live in Wake County alone.By 2035 our population is expected to grow by another 25-50%,making it close in size to Washington D.C..We could build a stadium on the footprint of the old ConAgra/ Jesse Jones Sausage plant in under-developed S.E.Raleigh, while setting up the Durham Bulls and Carolina Mudcats as minor league affiliates, giving the team a local flavor. As for the name, in keeping with Durham's "horned animals" theme, I like the "Raleigh Rams." The uniforms would look like Detroit's, but with a bronze primary color instead of the Tigers' navy blue and, of course,an Old English R as our logo.