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Florida Panthers can be ridiculous. Co-Locate the Team. Rebrand. Southlakes Fisherman. #NHLExpansion

PredatorpanthercatCanes of Miami Suburbia
There was a hockey tumbleweed that slid across the streets and chili temperatures in Atlanta.  The Thrashers franchise went back (re-located/re-branded) to a more befitting appreciation in Canada Winnipeg.  Carolina won a cup and the Nashville crowd is supportive.  Business is business.  And the gamble of hockey in the south can apparently work.  This business of pro sports in resort and transplant retiree Florida sure is something.  Hockey in the Cup hoisting town of Tampa is good but the baseball isn't.  Miami must saturate itself in the sports market in the form of another of many attendance problems in pro Florida sports.  And for Atlanta and big time hockey, the sports saturation might've been the case as well as customs and timing.  And this saturation could've resulted from melting ice.  I want to do something with the Florida Panthers.

I want them to go.  They should at least go to Atlanta every once in awhile.  A Georgia metropolis, arguably the capital of the American South, and a Florida location could make for interesting geographic branding to encompass its locations under one name.  Bringing ice to the south is somewhat counter-intuitive as it is.  A team home camped in Atlanta and Miami would be called what?  What umbrella surname?  Southeast?  You can't say "south" without Nashville or Charlotte, can you?

Can we call a team that plays home (camp) games in at least two towns the Southlake Panthers?

Houston would be a nice skate from time to time.  It'd have to be more of an event in that town to get a consistent turn-out, or at least one to count on people showing up to.  Southlake of Houston camp playing the Stars of Dallas.  Perhaps New Orleans pre-season or something.

Could we call them Southlake Fisherman (or something unique)?

Fisherman?  Could we call them the Southlake Fisherman?  When hell freezes over?  Can ice be frozen in the south?  Sure.  Ice rinks are synthetic.  Naming them whatever is cool, let's do it.  I don't much care about the south, being honest.  But there are Panthers in Carolina also, albeit football.  Jaguars, cats and bears, oh my.  There is pride in a name like Buckeyes or Tar Heels as opposed to some mythical Tigers and Lions and Kings of everywherelands.  What makes one stand out?  Unique.

I think a lot of non-hockey fishers would buy the apparel, especially with a southern brand touted in some options of wear.  Fisherman.  Motherpuckers.  A lot of ways to go with it, and what better place for a collegy name than an area proud to be represented by its college sports teams like the 'Tide, War Eagles and Volunteers?

Why not try my argument for a team for a few places?  The franchise's ice is already spread thin.  Widen it to a southern brand in place(s) and name.
The NHL could even include Las Vegas.  A broader and more literal inclusion of the "South" is Las Vegas.

Florida Panthers cheerleaders - the Ice Girls

Distraction:  ftw.usatoday.com/2014/10/florida-panthers-nhl-sparse-crowd-ottawa-seantors

I have argued the same type of thing for other regions of the country like a Great Lakes brand and some sort of West Coast, Northwest or Western brand with Portland/Seattle/Las Vegas and that melt of Arizona.  West Coast Coyotes would've been a better and more expansive brand.  Great Lakes, North Coast, North Shore, Northlands and so many ways to bring in a travel-like tag team for the lakes and likes of Cleveland, Milwaukee, Syracuse, Indianapolis, Cincinnati and the Dakotas.  Atlanta and Miami:  At least think about sharing ice time.  NHL, consider sharing your brand with more of us unappreciative Americans.  At least in a way that makes us more appreciative.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  And Miami and Atlanta aren't small American or Canadian towns.   A little here and a little there will have some more of us screaming like little girls at a Beatles concert in no time.  More of us will have a team. 

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