Tuesday, January 13, 2015

NBA Exponentially Located -Expansion -Relocation (Co-Location) - Bigger Brand

This is where some teams should consider an additional playing base:

Golden State Warriors in San Diego

New York Knicks  -  Buffalo, Syracuse or Albany?

Tennessee Grizzlies rebrand with play in Nashville, also

Phoenix Suns: consider also playing in Las Vegas
     During such a homestand (camp), refer to them as the Phoenix Suns of Vegas
     Consider an "of Albuquerque" or "of El Paso" camp-brand.
In an expansion, my first nod would be Las Vegas in the west, and I would call them the "Rounders".
Consider rebranding the Jazz.  Give New Orleans the name, for the love of God!  Have a share-team for Las Vegas and Salt Lake City?  West Side Whatchamacallits.  Great Basin Bandits?  Maybe not.


Clippers rebrand- the West Coast Clippers playing in Seattle, too.  And yes, be in Vegas, too !!!

Indiana Pacers in Louisville for like 3 homestands (camps) in the regular season?
Louisville is the first team in the east to get an expansion team in my book.
But for now, an Indiana Pacers Riverflush brand or "the River Card".

Consider having the Washington Wizards playing a quarter of their games in Seattle for now.  It's word play.

Some home-stints for the Denver Nuggets:  "of Albuquerque or Santa Fe".  New Mexico?  Boise?

For a little bit more of a stretch I scheme ball for my hometown of Cincinnati.
I'm thinking Pacers, Bucks, Cavs or Celtics.
Cavs of Ohio.  Pace Cars of Cinci weekend.  Great Lakes Bucks.  Celtics of Cincinnati.  On the jersey could be sported "Celtic America" or Celtic Nation/Celtic Country.  Expand the brand.
For a homestand camp series of two or three.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, Mr. Milwaukee and Boston.

Some homestands as the 76ers of Pennsylvania.  Place "Pennsylvania" on the jerseys for a Steel City stint.

What can you come up with?

See what I just did there?  More NBA cities with no expansion in the number of teams.
I touched on about 10 extra cities for the NBA.  That's a 30% increase as a whole.

NBA Nation. The NBA Doubling Down. #NBAExpansion

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