Sunday, November 1, 2015

Nutsiest Big League Towns?

Or just say "weird".  Or just unconventional, unusual, or business unusual.

Green Bay
San Jose has the Earthquakes and Sharks.  Perhaps.  For my Ohio peoples, it would be as if Cincinnati had all the sports and was kind of so saturated that they'd put a few of the teams in Dayton.  San Jose is magnatized to the Bay.
Columbus.  Like San Jose, they have the hockey and soccer.
Mountain Music?
Utah  I don't find a team for SLC as odd as their desire to not be unique, yet odd.  SLC represents a weekly venue also.
Orlando?  NBA Magic and some future soccer lore. 
Chivas was weird.

Are all of those weird?  But I like 'em.  Did I miss any?

What's the next thing?  Is it the above mentioned or something new.  Business-wise is apparently a gamble for the leagues and their love of Vegas.  Louisville won't be weird ushering Kentucky into the big leagues with either one of the footballs or the NBA.  I wish hockey would usher in Omaha/Lincoln or the Dakotas.  Or Austin.  The "Texas Ranchers" would draw crowds from Houston but they should be housed a majority of the time in Austin.  One of my favorite ideas is a MLS team for Appalachia.  The Bootleggers could play in Charlotte and Nashville.  Yeah, the Appalachian Bootleggers.

What're your ideas?

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