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What Cities would be left for Major League Expansion after my Regional Expansions, 2016

I have a few options stated throughout my blog to bring more OR FEWER teams to more cities in the next expansion or franchise relocation in any of the sports.  So, if you live in a place like Boise, Idaho and think you won't see a big league team to call your own hometown brand in your lifetime, I want to plant possibility in your eyes.

There are more games in the season to be played for baseball, basketball and hockey.  There's fewer for the footballs but to be environmentally friendly, there are a lot of places with a lot of seats already in existence for MLS and NFL games to be played.  Sure, they might not meet contemporary luxury box standards of this pinnacle leagues, but the thoughts are much more environmentally friendly.  Hell, I'd love to have an Ohio MLS team like "Ohio Divided" splitting time between football stadiums in Cleveland and Cincinnati.

But anyway, here are a few examples for such possibilities of sharing.

Place of Play Expansion (Tag Team (Co-Location)), Name Expansion (and regional exhibition), possibly as a rebrand.  An example of this would be the NBA's Clippers and what woulda' or shoulda' or coulda' happened with them under new ownership.  Just change the name to the West Coast Clippers.  Consider playing in Las Vegas and Seattle from time to time.  Same thing with NHL's Coyotes.

The idea of league expansion could occur as an expansion team or relocation/co-location of an existing team.

Major League Baseball: 
I have covered many city franchise-share ideas in many of my blog posts.  Check it out.

What's maybe left after I got some of the cities on deck for expansion covered?  Whose in the hole? 
Names like Nashville, Memphis, and New Orleans. Maybe what?  The year 2040?  But what if the Marlins relocated part-time to Tampa and the Rays become the Southland Rays of Nashville and Charlotte?

That's what would be left after what I'd do now.  Maybe.  Some of these towns even aren't on the fence right now.

Further down the road, whatta' we got?
Little Rock, Omaha, San Antonio.  Stuff like that.  Like Oklahoma City.

It's years and years and decades for the likes of Albuquerque or Boise.

Tiered Map of the Next Expansions: MLB 


El Paso

An NBA Team for Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Kansas City? The Arenas will be Ready

Tiered Map of the Next Expansions: NBA

National Football League

There's a lot of ditto going on with these cities, many of which don't have a big time team at all in Idaho and New Mexico.

Tiered Map of the Next Expansions: NFL

Canadian NFL Team?

Tiered Map of the Next Expansions: National Hockey League
Southlakes Panthers NHL Relocation and Rebrand.  Look at the possibility of sharing the Panthers or Predators.
I see this down the road, but maybe way down the road from Salt Lake City of some Salt Lake Frozen brand.  Seattle and Portland, we all know will be before those though.

East Coast Whalers of Norfolk and Hartford. A Two Place Team in the NHL

Major League Soccer

Answer:  A lot of major league cities to look at.

Map of Major League Looks for MLS
Arizona Major League Soccer Franchise should be placed in Tucson
Let's Get a Bootleggers Major League Soccer Brand in the South
The Chivas should've been moved to Las Vegas Part-Time 

Can you see some of the pictures I'm painting here?

I see this sharing way as the difference for getting a team or more in 20 to 40 years as opposed to a hundred years away for the likes of SLC, OKC, Albuquerque, Austin, Boise, Louisville, Birmingham, Omaha and Virginia Beach.  Proximity is an issue.  Close but not too close is the business way for the shared (but regional) identity with two or more places to play for one team, like Rangers baseball being in San Antonio and Dallas metro and the Marlins being in Miami as well as Tampa.  That's not to say I haven't schemed up international ideas of sharing for the likes of Tampa/Monterrey and Las Vegas/Montreal.
Las Vegas Montreal Internationals in the MLB
Gulf Run Rays. Major League Baseball in Monterrey, New Orleans and Tampa

Use your imagination to envision more play in more places.

What say you?

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