Wednesday, September 16, 2015

If the Giants or Jets Might Leave New Jersey City

The Portland Giants.  How's that sound?
Think trees when  I did that?

I know, it's the sin of stabbing an original NFL team.  THE original one left.  Just a thought on spreading the love.

I'd be more for the Portland Jets for such synthetic, yet still accurate jealousy.

Las Vegas Jets?


Or Toronto Jets?  The Canadian Jets?  Imagine them playing ball, repping' all of Canada in Vancouver (BC Place) and Toronto (Rogers Centre) for a Seattle and Bills and American rivalry.  Boom and shakalocka.  Ratings.  The big bucks are in television now anyway.

Which city, if any would deserve the love shared?

Of course, being the guy I've been on this blog, I'm all about the West Coast Jets playing part-time in Portland and then Las Vegas.  How perfect would that be.  The Jersey Jets moving to the other coast to land two new NFL cities.

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