Friday, September 18, 2015

If New York, Chicago and Los Angeles Gave Up a Baseball Team

          Give up the Mets.
          And Angels
          Cubs or White Sox?  That's tough.
     These cities hog up 20% of the league.  But ...
To where?

Often the talk of "should get a team": Portland and Charlotte.
Las Vegas.
Sometimes New Orleans.
New Jersey.  It would've been an easy'ish change to the New Jersey Mets had there ever been an issue with building a new stadium in tight NYC digs.
And Brooklyn.
Montreal.  Le yawn.
San Antonio, OKC, SLC,
Mexico City

If it had to be done, here's the smartest way:
Charlotte White Sox.  The city is already an affiliate.
Portland being called the West Coast Angels.  Think exhibition in Honolulu or Vegas.
Should I rebrand the Mets or should I move them to be the Las Vegas Mets?
                  or Southland Band doing time in Nashville and New Orleans.  Southland Metros?

Making any sense?

I'm for more cities having teams.  And more leagues.  Like Lady Leagues.

WMLB and my Lady Redlegs v. the San Diego Madres

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  1. I'm really for the Angels becoming the California Angels again and doing part-time in let's say...Sacramento. Same for New York. Get Buffalo in on the mix. And the Rangers in central Texas. And the Marlins in Tampa. Rays move. #MLBexpansion #MLBlasvegas