Saturday, November 21, 2015

Respectable Texas Brand Identities and talk of an Austin NHL Identity

Respectably and thoughtful geographic brands are out there.  Here are some:

New England Patriots
Golden State Warriors
Carolina Hurricanes
Texas Rangers

What I'd like to see again:  the Florida Marlins
Arizona Cardinals and Coyotes were respectable moves
I'd like to see a Carolina'esque franchise for hockey based in the Dakotas. 
But likely, as expected, franchises will go where the money is, and in times with saturation,where the market is untapped.  It's a safer wager.  I'm thinking with the size of Austin, Houston, and Texas in general, coupled with NHL's expansion trend, it'll be the Lone Star State before the colder plains.

Look at the state of Texas.  You have greater Dallas, San Antonio and Houston.

You have Stars, Spurs, Rangers, Astros, Mavericks, Rockets, Cowboys, Texans
They stick true to identity of their claim.
Respectable brands.  Embraced apparel and fashion for most every hat wearing Texan.
I see more hockey coming into the fold.  If you thought Houston, you were close.  Austin it should be.

What would be the brand name?  I vote Texas.  Dallas has a high minor league hockey AHL affiliate in greater Austin, called the Texas Stars.  Perhaps if Austin lands the big time claim, Houston could scoop that up.

But back to the Austin brand name hopes:  I like the Cattlemen, Cattle Drive (The Drive), Texas Herd.  What else?

Soccer?  I've mentioned in the blog before "Texas Excited and Texas Divided"

Will Texas stick consistently with their locational identity for the next team?  What're some good names?

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