Friday, January 9, 2015

MLB Exponentially Located -Expansion -Relocation or Co-Location

81 home games a year.
Imagine if about 20 (a quarter) of those games were at another camp within Yankees or Rangers Country?
What are some other cities that existing teams could play in?

Texas Rangers:  some time in San Antonio or Austin?  Or should they wrap the state with El Paso?

A Florida Marlins (again) rebrand could warrant Marlins play additionally in Jacksonville.  Or get rid of the Rays and seat part-time in Tampa, too.

California Angels (again) of Anaheim and Sacramento.

New York Yankees:  Buffalo or Albany?  ARLINGTON, TEXAS

Athletics:  West Coast Athletics in Las Vegas and Portland.  Leave Oakland altogether?  Maybe.  You could be part-time for the California Angels.

What about the Monterrey Bay Rays ?  I vote for them leaving Tampa for the likes of Charlotte and New Orleans, as well as share-time in Mexico.

What about some toe-dipping or toe-tapping in Vegas?  LA Dodgers of Vegas.  Arizona Diamondbacks of Vegas?  A roving Padre like in the olden days?

If you were one of these cities would you enjoy upwards of 20 games?  Would your area garner taxpayer support for this?  I think certainly Las Vegas would.

My thinking just increased MLB regular season places by about a third.  That's monster excitement for places like central Texas, upstate NY and northern California.

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