Saturday, April 11, 2015

Business Journal Market Study 2015

Their study determined that the minimum requirement of Total Personal Income (TPI) bases for an area are $104 billion for an MLB team, $48 billion in the NFL, $45 billion in the NBA, $50 billion in the NHL, $14 billion in MLS and $26 billion in the Power Five.  So, that's:

$104B MLB     More than double of all the others.  Good luck getting a team, unless you can perhaps entertain my tag-travel-team model. ie.  West Coast Athletics (Portland or Vegas and Oakland) and the East Coast Rays of Charlotte and Tampa.

$50B NHL

$48B NFL

$45B NBA

$14B MLS

Their best-suited list:
And for those paying attention for awhile, aesthetically, Montreal and Houston seem somewhat silly.  The math might be there, but not the passionate stakeholders.


Throwing my hat with two cents in it, I attempt to counter the depressing reality of many markets' ability to have a team by sharing one.  That's much of the context of my blog.  For this sports capacity study, for instance, I think crunching the math of Dayton with the existing football stadiums in Cleveland and Cincinnati, an Ohio Divided franchise in Major League Soccer could be sustained for my peoples.


Haberdashery: MLB expansion
While the NJ sandwich can be stretched as a metro area in between Philly and the Big Bite Apple, it's no city.  And while I appreciate disclosure and thoughtfulness towards expansion, alignment that puts Colorado and Minnesota in the "South" and the Rays in the north is hard to be serious about.

See way more talk about big league expansion, relocation and co-location throughout the blog:  

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