Sunday, May 24, 2015

Named "North Country". A Big League Brand

Picture this travel team tagging throughout NHL cities of the north.  My argument
has been for a broader, more inclusive geographical expansion for any next big league expansion.
Two or more cities for one team.  Think "North Country Expos" having played in Vancouver also, instead of vacating Canada.

At the top of my list has been a "West Coast" brand with absences in the big five including San Diego, stretching from Anchorage to Honolulu, Sacramento, Seattle, Las Vegas and Portland.  Think West Coast A's or Raiders.  I've also thought of the dismal Rays and how it would be improved as the Tampa-Monterrey (Mexico) Rays.  A Great Lakes or North Shore/North Coast NHL team would be neato.

North Country Rowmans [Romans]  (pictured is Vikings and their row crafts)

If the NBA Grizzlies were to fail in Memphis kind of like they did in Vancouver, at this time, a good fit could've been a Vancouver-Montreal share or a Seattle-Las Vegas one.

North Country Defenseman or Outlanders could also be a travel-tag-team representing the outlands of Canada and the U.S..  Oil money could facilitate a build for Williston, North Dakota.  Another one could be built in the likes of Bismarck and in South Dakota.  Omaha could lump itself in with the region.  Throw Boise in there for sure.  Let's say an arena is in (or constructed in) Boise, North Dakota, and Omaha/Lincoln.  That's 3 places on the American side.  Other North Country camps could be the Canadian loving likes of Halifax, St. Johns, North Bay, Thunder Bay, Saskatoon, Regina, Red Deer or Kamloops.
Don't exclude the thoughts of Anchorage, Green Bay or Rochester either.  Or Seattle, TorontoDos, Portland or Quebec City.  I've talked about a Cleveland-Milwaukee Great Lakes brand in hockey. 
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