Monday, February 2, 2015

Proximity Screws them Over for a Big League Team

Nothing to say of the existing number of teams in quality play
Nothing necessarily to say of the population/money requirement per league
 To have MLB sustainbly in an area, it cost twice as many billions as the second most costly sport.
Population amount "screws" you?  You already know who you are.

Here's a little list:

      The Closeness:  Cincinnati, Indianapolis.  Like Las Vegas and Austin, I think it's ready for some big time.

San Jose:  not 50 miles from San Fran.  The only thumb at SF is there won't be a San Fran hockey named team anytime soon.  Pretty much ditto for Sacramento.  And the top bread piece in a sandwich that puts Sacramento as the pickle is Portland's leagues vacancies.

Austin:  Texas sandwich of San Antonio (NBA, MLS Prospect), Houston, Dallas

Las Vegas:  the gambling factor.  Maybe sort of, kind of choked out by it's proximity sandwich between Phoenix and Southern California.  Then there's Salt Lake City Soccer and Basketball.

Indianapolis:  Chicago, Cincinnati MLB, Columbus NHL

Orlando/Jacksonville:  All of that Florida saturation 

Tucson:  Phoenix  

Columbus:  Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh

OKC:  a drive north from Dallas

Luring like cupid or defending turf (like revenue shares)

Hampton Roads, Virginia:  D.C. and Charlotte area teams

Ottawa:  Montreal                                   New Jersey

Baltimore basketball (and who-cares hockey):  D.C.
It'll take time, but eventually... .
Maryland-Virginia United sound like a good soccer name?  I think so.

Maybe a little of a stretch:
Little Rock near Texas, Memphis/Nashville, New Orleans.  South of Missouri teams.

Boise is pretty much the middle of a SLC, Porltand and Seattle triangulation. 

A Buffalo/Toronto proximity is questionable, even outside of the international NFL question (CFL league interest) and good spirit of Sabres and Maple Leafs.

Atlanta NHL was a square peg for a round hole, at least timing-wise.

See way more expansion, co-location and relocation alternative talk for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer on my blog 

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