Sunday, February 8, 2015

East Coast Whalers of Norfolk and Hartford. A Two-Place Team in the NHL

Norfolk (Hampton Roads) tried to lure the Hartford Whalers before the relocation ultimately culminated into the rebrand reincarnation to the Carolina Hurricanes.  And so there was no Hampton Roads Rhinos to speak of and now the Norfolk Admirals minor league club is relocating to San Diego.

A resurrection of the Whalers as an East Coast brand would be innovative indeed.  Though sandwiched between Capitals and Carolina turf, the pressure would be shared in between more Bruins and New York hockey as well.  To speak of that, I wouldn't mind the Long Island Islanders relocating to accommodate this brain dream scheme of mine.

Turn convention on its side.                               

 click:  If Ever a Major Sports Team in Rhode Island and Again for Connecticut 

Another thought occurred to me:  if the Whalers lose, the emblem should be completely turned upside down in a loss.  The "WE" looking emblems look like an "EW" or a Mustache Man with the "W" upside down.  We don't want to see the Mustache Man.

Keep the logo and call them the Colonials?  Comment and vote. 
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  1. And why not a West Coast brand for Las Vegas. Or at least for Portland and Seattle?