Saturday, June 20, 2015

20,000 Seat Stadiums and the Next Baseball Expansion Teams

In the top television markets without Major League Baseball,  places like
Salt Lake City,  two North Carolina markets, Indianapolis and Columbus outrank Cincinnati.  That's not naming all the cities that don't have it, like Sacramento or Nashville.

How could 80 home games be turned into however many camp games?
If an "Eastern" team played in 3 places, that's roughly 26 games in each city.  And that could be, let's say Indianapolis, Nashville and Charlotte.  Charlotte's Triple A stadium holds over 10 thousand fans.  12 for Indy, 13 for Louisville.   35k might be too big for 25 games, but do you think an Eastland brand could sell out 20,000 seats for that many games?  It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Who would fill out the Western brand?
Las Vegas and Portland with who?
Salt Lake City?  Oklahoma City?  ...Boise?
Or could the Westward Railroad Baseball Club include Nebraska for 20k seats somewhere in the Omaha-Lincoln metroplex?
Would a truckers brand of Westward Road Warriors be neat?  What about Wagoneers.
What would Eastland be called.?  Eagles?  Mother Truckers?  Road Dawgs?
Big Rig
Either way, doesn't 6 new major league cities and ballparks strike your fancy for the next motherload of expansions?

Another good link:

A ball park built outside of Portland, seating 20k, could serve as a multipurpose, environmentally friendlier venue.  Travel-Tag-Team, problems solved.

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