Friday, July 3, 2015

Population Combos I Could See for One Team in the Big Five Sports Leagues

3 of the 5 sports leagues excite me more for my Camping Model (T3) simply because they play more games.  Weekly venues like the footballs of MLS and NFL are once a week.  In terms of feasibility, what is exciting about those 2 is that it's more likely to get filled.  I play on absence-makes-the-heart-grow-fonder for 2 or 3 cities as the homes for one team.

Let's look at my first 3 leagues:

Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas  EXPANSION

Western Railroad (Arizona and Austin) REBRAND OF COYOTES
see Western Railroad NHL Team of Austin and Arizona

South Lakes Predators of Nashville and Atlanta

North Coast Great Lakers of Cleveland, Milwaukee, Indianapolis  EXPANSION

Along with Toronto Dos and Quebec City.
Utah?  see:  Dakota NHL Team 
Since the league probably won't get rid of the Panthers..........

Vegas and Portland are over 5 million people for the possible power expansion in each league.
For a southern embraced Predators, 8 million or more fans is better than an area of just 2 mill, right?
5.5 mill for a Milwaukee-Cleveland, plus maybe Cinci and Indy adding millions and millions more?

Tampa Monterrey Rays.  From the lowest butts in seats brand to the biggest powerbrand of them all?

West Coast Athletics, maybe adding Las Vegas and Portland for at least some appearances and perhaps in 20k ballparks.  And millions of millions of West Coasters from Boise to Alaska and Hawaii for an embrace?
    Oakland, don't be sad.  You'll share the California Angels.
East Coast Expos      of Charlotte and Montreal            EXPANSION
Midland of Nashville, Little Rock and OKC?
Or what about a southland brand combination?
Or would the Las Vegas-Montreal International Expos be cool for a co'op and flexible league alignment?

St. Louis
Can you think of any river city teams?  Tri-State Titans?  Eastern Battalion?  Eastland Outlanders?
All in all, a new big league town like Louisville seems more deserving.
Tons and tons of people for an eastland embrace of a tag team.
West Coast Clippers?
San Diego
Las Vegas ...what about Albuquerque?
occasions in Anchorage and Honolulu.

There is chatter all of the above-mentioned in my blog about

Weekly venues like MLS and NFL have less playing time but do have a ton more feasible location options.  College or pro stadiums could suffice.  If the West Coast Raiders came to be there are plenty of places to play from Oregon to Nevada to even Hawaii.
In those same places, MLS could dabble.   I've talked about Los Angeles's second football club (the old Chivas) being co-located in Las Vegas as the West Coast Diamond Club.  See article <click>

See much more expansion, co-location and relocation talk for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer on my blog
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