Saturday, March 28, 2015

What are your thoughts on this Place of Play Expansion in the Big Four Sports?

West to East:

Golden State Warriors also playing in San Diego.
West Coast Clippers also playing in Seattle and/or Las Vegas.

West Coast Athletics playing additionally in Portland and/or Las Vegas
California Angels also playing in Sacramento
Texas Rangers also playing in Austin
New York Yankees also playing in Buffalo?  The Mets?
Florida Marlins also playing in Tampa
The Rays becoming the Southland Rays of Charlotte, Nashville and Monterrey on occasion.

West Coast Raiders of Las Vegas and Portland
Los Angeles Rams are back.
What about the Jaguars as a Southland rebrand playing in Birmingham and/or Louisville?

Southlakes Predator hockey in Atlanta as well as Nashville? 
What about...instead of the Panthers, the North Coast Great Lakers in the likes of Cleveland and Milwaukee?
What about the West Coast Coyotes or some such in Portland/Seattle?

Whatcha think?  Any ideas?
See way more talk about big league expansion, relocation and co-location throughout the blog:  

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