Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ohio Alliance. What's a good Name for a Multi-Located Ohio Major League Soccer Team?

Wouldn't it be neat for a MLS team to be located in Cleveland and Cincinnati?

I've blogblabbed before about having a team in Toledo considering proximity with the absence of a Detroit team.  But I'm sure they'll eventually have something like the Detroit Arsenal (click Detroit Arsenal Major League Soccer Expansion Team  ).

The facilities are in place now where the Bengals and Browns play.  Eventually an all-futbol stadium would have to be a part of the commitment to the league.  How about Dayton?  What about a stadium in between the 40 miles that separate Cincinnati Dayton in the Cinday Corridor off of Interstate 75?  The county that blends, blurs and co-exists in the areas is Butler County.
(Ohio United. Or call it an Ohio Divided Team. Cincinnati-Dayton Metroplex)

What would an all-Ohio Cincinnati'ish Cleveland team be called?
With the presence of the Crew, I think Ohio Divided is a clever twist.  I've bloggerated about the same thing with another Texas team near Dallas and Houston turf.  I've talked about an alternative in being a shared C-city named team of the Crew.
(Columbus Crew C-Bus Cincinnati - A new Major League Soccer arrangement. MLS Expansion in general)

With my co-locationing travel tag-team argument though, the footballs, being a weekly venue for the NFL and MLS, are pretty lackluster for my idea.  Probably unless the branding is brilliant.  Let's say, in my dreamworld, a regional powerbrand were developed out of the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Let's say they became the Southland Jaguars and in their first season they played 4 home games in Jacksonville, 2 home-camp games in Louisville, and two where the Crimson Tide play.  And let's say Southern Americans of the Outlands embraced this.  Wouldn't the apparel sales and "Southern" nation be a boom?  It's just a sloppy example but what would a total rebrand bring for that scheme?  The Southlakes Fisherman?  The Hunters.  Connotation with the South has to tread lightly.  I've blogblabbed on posts before about the Southern Draw or the Southern Drawl.  The confederacy seems to be going more and more out of style.

But anyway.  O H I O

Ohio Divided.  United.  Arsenal.  Battle.  Brigade.  Sky   ?

What say you?

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