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Mid-American Cities that should Get More Pro Teams. And Austin.

Oklahoma City showed the country it was bound for basketball big time.  Maybe one day Okies could root for something other than the Rangers on the diamond.  In Middle America, do you want some more representative NHL, NFL, NBA along with Major League Soccer and Baseball?

Is rooting for the Chiefs and Royals or Broncos and Rockies enough?  Or is it Minnesota teams.  Or is it nice to be able to wagon over to a winner on Sundays or in the baseball world?  Your weekends might include Cornhuskers, Jayhawks or Cyclones, otherwise I know you wouldn't be reading this.
Not a lot of justifiable population numbers warrant big league ball in the cities of Iowa.  And neither in Witchita.  Plus Kansas City has some pull.  Lincoln/Omaha ranges in 1.2 million people.  In articles links at the end I talk about how I could see a Nebraska NHL Franchise in the future.  The bottom line is that for sports like the NFL and MLB have vacancies in places like Portland and Nashville that would get a nod before anything in Husker Country.  And right now, the MLB in OKC, ice hockey in KC or the NBA in St. Louis might be a nice thought but you know not to hold you're breath if you're paying attention.

I have this theme in mind for a tag team in any of the next league expansions or relocations.  I suppose I should call it "co-locationing".  Let's say the Raiders and Athletics leave Oakland.  They could both go to Portland.  But why not Portland and Las Vegas?  You could call them the "West Coast" Raiders and Athletics.  They could at least spend a quarter of their games in Las Vegas.  And some kid in Reno, Oakland, Sacramento and Portland or even Boise can feel that they too have a team in name, much like a kid from Maine having a relationship with the Patriots.  Hell, lump Los Angeles in there.  They have NFL scars.  I'm for uprooting the Rams and bringing them back.  But more than anything I'm for a brand where more people are represented.  Even if the Rams relocated to Portland and only played home games there instead of my camp idea, I would be for them touted as the West Coast Rams in name.  Will the brand sell more with "Portland" written all over it or "West Coast"?  Dollars on the table.

Could you do something of the camping sort for the reaches of North Dakota to an unrepresented place like Austin, Texas?
Miss Kansas is for real All American

Could a combined team, a tag team traveling camps as home stays go between facilities in the Dakotas, through Oklahoma down to Austin or El Paso?  What about the "Stormers"(for Barnstormers)?

Winter time.  Yes, even in Austin or Texas Hill Country.

Austin's justification for a team alone has a downside.  It takes position between San Antonio Spurs territory and that of Houston and Dallas markets.  I could see the NHL coming there before melting in Houston.  MLS seems to be Austin's best bet.  A soccer stadium in San Marcos could make for a good weekly compromise for the magnetic pull that San Antonio exerts for a spot as well.  "Texas Divided" would be an awesome name because of the Dynamos and FC Dallas.  Build a stadium in El Paso for part time play with central Texas and call it Texas Railroad.  Lone Stars FC.  Star[ZZZZ].

What sounds like a good name for a tag team representing the whole heart of the American region, one perhaps traveling through Omaha and Kansas and others?:  American Central (Heartland Stampede)?  Wagonwheelers?

Wishful thinking doesn't hurt.
For most of Outland America, the weekly venue of football can be a thought with all of the seating venues for that sport in colleges in places like Little Rock.  Do you think that MLS would be more open to give camping out a try?  In the north reaches of geographic middle America I can see justifications for a traveling NHL tag team.  Baseball stadiums are a little harder to come by and the daily attendances don't cut it in most places.  The NBA playing part-time in Omaha again?  Would it work this go around by sharing with St. Louis and Kansas City?

What do you think?

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