Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dream up the next Northern MLS Franchise. And a Southern one.

If you know your sports and are aware of teams out there, this map might draw some questions.

Maybe as far as where is Minnesota, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Buffalo, etc etc ?????

More expansion currently slated for New York and Florida

What about a broad market for the next franchise?

What about something called "Northland"?
North Shore?
What about "Southland"?

As a dictator, I envision Minnesota's twin cities and Milwaukee for a north team.  I can also think of Boise and the occasional use of oil boom towns in the Dakotas as a co-location.

In the south, I think the likes of Louisville, New Orleans, Nashville, Charlotte and of course Atlanta are interesting.

I continually argue that a region team is needed in the major sports pro leagues to be more inclusive to a bigger fan base of the outlands by camping out in multiple locations for "home" (camp) games.  For instance, look at an instance, whether that be the NFL or MLB where a Portland/Las Vegas playing team named "West Coast" can bring in a ton of fans and sell a ton of jerseys.

See more expansion, co-location and relocation talk for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer on my blog (starting in Feb 2014, see table of contents/archive):  Major League/Pro Expansion <CLICK> http://prosportsexpansion.blogspot.com/ 
And please feel free to contribute your two cents with mine. 

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