Tuesday, January 13, 2015

NBA Nation. The NBA Doubling Down. #NBAExpansion

Exponential NBA
For snips and giggles, here is how I give non-NBA towns, two home (camp) stands:

Celtics Country:  Cincinnati
Grizzlies Country:  Nashville
Pacer Nation:  Birmingham
Cavaliers Country:  
Bulls Country:  Monterrey, Mexico
Lakers Land:  Williston, ND  **
Clippers Country:  Seattle
Warriors Nation:  Providence
Suns Country:  Sioux Falls, SD
Magic Territory:  Louisville
Knicks Land:  Albany
Blazing Forward:  Boise
Jazz Lands:  St. Louis
Thunder & Lightning Land:  Little Rock
Wizards Nation: Hartford, CT                                            
Nets Turf:  Atlantic City
Hawk Guys:  Huntsville
Bucks Shot:  Birmingham
Hornets Nest:  Jacksonville
Raptors Landing:  Vancouver
Heat Stroke:  Tampa
Spurs:  El Paso
Pelicans:  Mobile, Alabama
Mavericks:  Albuquerque
Rockets Ship:  Dayton, Ohio   **
Kings Land:  Kansas City        **
76ers Forward Area:  Pittsburgh
Timberwolves Pact:  Omaha
Pistons Place:  Georgetown, KY **
Nuggets Press:  Witchita

Imagine, a stint in Cincinnati for the Celtics with the jersey sporting "Celtics Country".

Which city would you like to add to which country? 

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