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Regional Contingencies for East, Central, and West (Baseball)

                                                                                           or a re-branded eastern team

Rocky Mtn Boys (The Boys), West Mount Rockies
Western Mountains, Great West Rockies

       A re-branded team for American Central?
Any ideas?

Let's just say these franchises are toward the bottom of value for the 30 teams (and are not the first professional team in baseball).  So, for this exercise I'm picking on them.  Let's say financially that they really start to not work out so well.  If I can't split the Rays between cities in the name of the Southern Rays (Nashville et al) or the Coastal Run Rays (Tampa, New Orleans, Charlotte), then let me pretend this:

Re-branding, as with anything else, can be flexible.  The Central Royals can dawn their KC hats at their big old stadium.  Heck, they can wear their C logos in Omaha with their cursive "Omaha" or "Nebraska" on the back while there.  Does Americana Kings have a ring to it?

In the East (or the South) you have Charlotte, the east coast of Virginia, Nashville.  You also have Memphis east of the Mississippi pirating that river.  You also have the port of Jacksonville.  Any kind of baseball in upstate New York like the Carrier Dome?  Well, 20, 000 seats are now in Buffalo.  The amount of games can be split between cities disproportionately.
Charlotte     Nashville     Jacksonville   and of course Pittsburgh

For an Eastland team, you have to also consider Louisville, Indianapolis and Columbus.

What about an Eastland team straddling I-70 for Pittsburgh-Columbus-Indianapolis?

I wonder if there will ever be a display of carnival Americana near the oil fields of the western DakotasHow neat would it be to have a remnant of top notch facilities for the bachelor's recreation (while not at work) in those Dakota Plains?  There is growth there.  It doesn't exactly have the nightlife of the Big Apple.  How much American apple pie is there to go around?
One could also consider San Antonio, Little Rock (with robust Wal-mart sponsorship) and New Orleans as the heart of America.
What could this old Royals teams be called?  Does the name  "Royals" resonate with the Heartland?
The Heartland, Central or Great Plains Ranchers?  Stampede?

Oklahoma City       Witchita      Omaha        and of course Kansas City

San Antonio could swing at the heart or resonate with "the west".
If Portland isn't awarded a team deemed West or West Coast

Portland    Las Vegas    Albuquerque    Salt Lake City     Boise      and of course Denver

So let's say 80 home games.  Do 60 at Mile High.  5 in Portland, Vegas, SLC and Albuquerque the first year.
Second year:  40 at Coors Field, 10 in Portland, Vegas and Albuquerque.  Divvy some up for SLC and Sacramento.

And on and on.  50 games at Pitt, 10 in Nashville and 20 in Charlotte.  A home stint here or there, especially initially, could be influenced by deposits. 

Obviously, tickets as a revenue source are a large if not largest income source.  The concert atmosphere MLB can take on for some of these outland cities, including apparel and concessions could negate the fact that stadiums seating 10, 000 or so in Nashville are only a fourth of many big league fields.

List: Baseball Stadium by Capacity          -wikipedia
As of early March 2014, wikipedia neglected to list Dayton's field so I wonder how many more might be missing:
Dayton Dragons stadium

A few more games in Buffalo than Nashville?
15.5 thousand seats in Indianapolis could pull more Pirates buy-in.
The same amount in the stands of Salt Lake city for Rocky ball.
24,000 seats already in Omaha.
12k at Albuquerque and 11 already in New Orleans.

Baseball becomes more of an event than a businessman's special.  Shared economic boosts and scenic marketing opportunities for the cities and MLB.  Exhibition would take on more meaning for baseball.

For the "regional teams", unique and aggressive caravans can occur in the offseason.  And on and on.

Regional teams spread baseball representation.  Break-outs occur.

Another notch in the argument for regional teams:
Why Portland, And Other Markets Begging For MLB, Will Get Bloody Knees Waiting

Football, the NFL, a weekly venue, is already poised seating-wise for a regional franchise model.

What are your thoughts?

Look at the Portland uni's conceptualized here. The Cascades? The Greens? Green Socks?

See more expansion and relocation talk for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer on my blog (starting in Feb 2014, see table of contents/archive):  Major League/Pro Expansion <CLICK> 
And please feel free to contribute your two cents with mine.

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