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2014 ProSportsExpansion Blog Review for the Year

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2014 has seen talk of Oakland ball teams moving to the likes of Portland and San Antonio.  Some think Montreal should be a landing spot for Tampa's current ball club.  And last but not least, the NHL has let us know that it is going to expand from 30 to 34 teams.

So, the feasibility of my Triple T (3T, Travel-Tag-Team model) is questionable/debatable in terms of business feasibility and an arguably tangible/intangible ownership in the hearts of any fan base willing to embrace a part time team or regional spirit.

I haven't really done research so much as I have searched and landed on helpful bearings like wikipedia and news articles.  And there are some good sources http://prosportsexpansion.blogspot.com/p/informative-links.html )

Nearing the end of last Winter I kicked off a blog in order to form an information spot of consolidated browsing for finding out the best chances for whatever spot to be the place for the newest ballclubs.  I see some indications that more than a grassroots effort has been mounted in the likes of Portland and Nashville to land teams.  I would expect to see more, but I know the franchises are business driven and it's all about timing among other factors of investment and market saturation.  Who knows what New Orleans or Charlotte will look like economically in a decade from now and which investors will be around and willing and able to invest.  

Either way, I couldn't find a good consolidation (MAP) of future feasible franchise locations on the world wide web and so I blab on this creation of a blog.  There's not one site out there that I can see to preach the good words to me, so I blab to myself like some crazed disciple that's lost from reality.

Sex sells.  It's one measure.
Since it's not in the current leagues business climates and the economy in general, I spend a lot of time in Imagination Land.  It's good to be prepared should the time come though, right?  And with an imaginary gun to my head I came up with a way for more folks in more places to "realistically" have their own team, if only in name, that hits close(r) to home.  I do so, even with the existing (number of) franchises in each league.

If you can gather other people in your area who have a lust for the likes of an NFL, NBA or MLS squad, and especially a drivable representation in hockey or MLB, I think it best that you get started.  Talk to people smarter than you and I and get that snowball rolling for the next time a franchise goes looking for more appreciative digs like your hometown.

Greener pastures for some means the beach.  Pensacola.

Surprisingly, there's not a lot of material out there, or at least as much as there should be.  It takes time.  There are many micro to macro things that have to fall into place and the wait is like wine.  Like an expensive wine.  My blog is more about throwing Boone's Farm in a blender.  Tastes really good in my mind while I wait for my 2008 bottle of fancy pants to ferment.

There's a guy with a Facebook page trying to draw the Clippers here or there.  He might be throwing rocks into the moat but at least he sees the wisdom in David and Goliath.  Another for MLB in Charlotte.  Another for the NBA in Louisville.  A Nashville guy that created a web page with rationale abound.  Newspaper articles revisit the fantasy here and again and bored fantasy football people websites speak their piece from sportsnation to the insert-your-town Times or Business Courier.  But really, I'm surprised there isn't more going on out there in cyberspace.  Is it that daunting of an effort?!  A booster for the future.

Well yes.   Reality sucks.  A mountain sometimes seems insurmountable.  But you know how the saying goes:  "If everyone could do it then ..... ".  Is it not sweet to be the underdog with the story of a lifetime?

 Expand the team in name and/or places.

"Expansion" in name by branding is one way.  It can also be achieved by simply expanding in name.  The Rangers play in one place but it is still for all of Texas they take the field.  I argue that if a sports team were placed in Las Vegas and/or Portland, naming it "West Coast" would make for exponential apparel sales, probably for many places in between.  Expanding by multiplying their home bases (camps) is definitely a way to achieve it, and the issue of cost could be pondered.  Apparel for the "Tennessee" Titans sells more than it would for a team were it to be named the "Nashville Oilers".  A helluva' lot more people from Memphis would be able to attend a Titans game in Memphis, and maybe even a lot more folks from Nashville would give the Titans game a go if the games were only on a monthly basis for their own home court drive.

There are many examples singled out in about 270 posts.

What name would you want to scheme up for what place?  
Know a great or innovative spot in your city for a stadium?
Is the business of it (3T) a viably achievable model?

For the fuller yearly sum-up and feasible wishes for some things to happen soon, 
click here and scroll down to the highlight.

I would love your comments and votes.

Looks like you're getting the NHL again, but the NBA commish said you're not an NBA town... .  What do you think?

See way more articles and chatter about expansion, co-location and relocation for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer on my blog prosportsexpansion.blogspot.com/

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