Friday, January 9, 2015

Minor League Soccer. A Travel Team Representing Two Towns or more.

For my born and bred baseball brain, I'm going to Americanize this ball for my thoughts.  Please forgive me. For Major League Soccer, this is how I align the domestic feeder system:
North American Soccer League (like Triple A)
And the United Soccer League (like Double A) 

USL Pro:

I think the Ohio Shipmen would be a fantastic idea.  Would the Dayton Dutch Lions become a brand housed with Cincinnati (a short drive) and Cleveland?  Or a Great Lakes named team would be nice.  I beat this drum for a team playing in a few spots with a bigger name to represent more of an area (like the New England and Golden State brands).  In minor league soccer, the Indy Eleven, if ever struggling, could join Milwaukee, Cleveland, Cincinnati/Dayton for a Great Lakes named team.

A Nashville-West Virginia alliance could be one hell of a relocated or expansion team for any pro league like soccer.  The Appalachian Bootleggers get the passionate blood a' flowin'?

Any regional tag-teams you can concoct in any of the sports?  Any city mergers of fury?

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