Thursday, January 15, 2015

Small examples of Combining for Power

In Cincinnati, rivals in high school sports merge.  Now there will be one instead of two.  It's becoming a new consolidated high school.

Yes, these high schools aren't 4 road miles apart and, as an example in the pro world, merging the Mets with the Yankees would do much of nothing, but it helps me think about a combination making for a stronger brand.  But a Glen Este and Amelia merger makes for a better team.  Talent has to be local.   Much of West Clermont kids south of Milford, west of Batavia and northwest of New Richmond, will combine into a better sports program.  West Clermont's two high schools are now one.  In Cincinnati's Hamilton County, over twenty years ago Greenhills and Forest Park High Schools combined to become Winton Woods HS.  Stronger numbers bode well.

What will the mascot of West Clermont HS be as a merger of Barons and Trojans?  We'll see.  And with regards to name and place there are choices.  To note the magnetism and acknowledgement of suburbia Cincinnati here are a few names:  Eastern Hills HS, Eastgate HS.  To keep its autonomous flare and re-acknowledge or reassert its place in another Ohio county it's likely to keep the name West Clermont (HS, Local School District).  Another less likely, but accurate one I have thought of is "Appalachia West HS" given its location in westernmost Appalachia in Ohio.

But anyway, back to the mercenary sports representation:
If Tampa dropped their baseball team and the Marlins would play there part-time and take their old Florida name back, the Marlins would be a stronger brand.

If the Grizzlies business were to suffer in Memphis, expand some play for the Tennessee Grizzlies in Nashville. Call the Angels "California" again, especially if the Athletics leave Oakland.  Be innovative and play some ball out of the Los Angeles area and share some love with the viable Sacramento.  The West Coast Raiders playing in Oakland AND Portland and/or Las Vegas.  Stuff like that.  A bigger better brand.

Married.  These principals.  Microcosm.
Branding issues:

Raiders or Titans or Wolves.  Oh my:
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