Friday, January 30, 2015

When the Rams Leave St. Louis, Consider This

Could you have football really really soon after football leaves you again after a quarter century?  And now again?!  Well, if you get a new stadium .... blah womp wah, blah.... .

Or keep your stadium (, maybe renovate just a touch) and share the team, playing them part time in St. Louis.  And obviously part-time somewhere else.  (4 games here, 4 there, 5 here/6 there?).
Waiting for a polo ball to roll over the Cardinals and Rams

I really wouldn't necessarily want to do this and take away something to root for in New Orleans, but let's give it a thought:  Take the New Orleans Saints and rename them the "Southland Saints".

Is it the Gateway to the West, or is this river city of Missouri a Gateway to the South?  A case can be made.  Historically.  Ditto for the Jaguars sharing time, though in the real world they're locked into a contract.

St. Louis Saints hats can be worn.  Time between the Superdome and the Edward Jones dome.  A southland brand could draw in an exhibition and apparel sales from the likes of Louisville and Birmingham.  Little Rock can't get excitement from time to time.

After that ingrate Saints fan took the ball from my Bengals lady, I personally don't care if the bailed out city of New Orleans loses four games and goes to another franchise town of my disfavor.  Who Dat Who Dey got crossed.  And Go Reds!

But for something nice to say to the city of Nolans', Utah should trade the Pelicans name with you.  New Orleans Jazz should be it.  A share with St. Louis in the NBA would sound more appropriate in that regard also.  Southland Jazz playing in New Orleans, Nashville and St. Louis.  So many logistical options for innovative and brave souls.

Hosing the cities with a golden arch

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Sorry, St. Louis, it's true.  I'm a Cincinnatian.  And I can be a hater drinking the hateraid.  Just sayin'

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