Friday, January 2, 2015

Jacksonville: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

First off, I want to say that I'm exploring the thought of it.  I'm not pitching it.

Simply said, I'm thinking "too much Florida" already.

Two hockey teams should be dwindled down to one.  Miami's loss.
Two baseball teams should be dwindled down.  Tampa/St. Pete's loss.
It doesn't have to be a loss.  I'm for a Florida Marlins re-brand and the team playing in two places or more.  The Florida Marlins could split time between beautiful ballparks in Jacksonville, Miami and/or Tampa.
Florida Lightning?  Or no Miami NHL altogether.  The climate as it is, I'd prefer Cleveland and Milwaukee over the Sunshine state.  Seattle and Portland are certainly more deserving.

The city of Jacksonville is nothing to balk at and undoubtedly the NFL knew this, with their over 1.3 people in the area with well over 800,000 folks inside the city limits.  That's not a number full time Major League Baseball would deal with though.

You already have the NBA 140 miles away in Orlando and another in-state team hubbed in Miami.

You're close enough to feel the warmth of some sports squads but far enough away to justify you're own if your population was bursting at the seams.  A lot of transplants live in Florida and Jacksonville has a healthy military population in which many individuals and families aren't permanent or rooters for J-ville.  Baseball attendance in your state questions MLB's presence as it stands.

You have a lot anchored down in Jacksonville, but there is still a strong case of flightiness.

The Big Five sports are in Florida with a vengeance since the 90s.  You're getting crowded out by Big League Soccer soon.  As with the NBA, Orlando and Miami will have squads of the world sport.  Your Disney neighbor is kicking off this year, 2015.

The Suns minor league team tote the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville.  Don't you think a higher ticket for an occasional Marlins games would be nice there?  Currently home to the Miami Marlins affiliate, a quarter the amount of MLB seats would still be charming up north on the sunny coast.

Your location within the confines of SEC college football was a big boost for landing your bid of the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Some part time play and re-branding some teams back to the name "Florida" I find as your best bids for the likes of big league baseball, basketball and some soccer or hockey.

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