Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Eastern Cities That Get More Pro Teams. And Louisville.

Atlanta, I'm sharing the Nashville Predators with you and a title change.  The Southern Predators.  I want to consider some such arrangement for MLS.  Thinking of Tampa and Charlotte, also.

Buffalo, you get to share on any number of New York brands.  Get your facilities prepped.

Charlotte, I'm moving the Rays to your town.  Or sharing it with Tampa Bay-St. Petersburg.  I'm definitely sharing you with Tennessee below.

Nashville (Memphis).  The Tennessee Grizzlies.  For a new expansion in MLB, I'd create the Tennessee brand by raising the name of the Smokies.  Wouldn't a Smokey Bear mascot be darling?   Or even consideration to naming you the Blues.  Knoxville would get to host the camp site for a series or two at least.
But without an expansion of teams, you're likely to get the Southern Rays with C-lott.

Tampa Bay, I'm giving you the short end of the stick, kinda sorta.
You will get share time with the Florida Marlins.

Jacksonville, yeah, you have the Marlins now.  And you'll be sharing the Jaguars.  I think an interesting basketball expansion could be the Panhandle Coast Pirates in the NBA.  Exhibition in Mobile, Alabama could be a show.

WiZiWiG Hotties on Campus

Louisville, just like Las Vegas to the west, I'm lumping you in on a deal or four.  Welcome in the Southern Jaguars.  I actually figure you one of the best bets for NBA Expansion in the East.  Being called the East River Rafters with the likes of Cinci, Pittsburgh and St. Louis is a thought if the league pumped out an expansion travel team.  Could you hosts some Southern Rays baseball action?

Baltimore, I've got to tell you, I'm not feeling a lot of love right now.  You're Balwash.  But it's with a business mind.  I don't even give priority to Cincinnati, my beloved hometown.
With Cincinnati, I'm more hip to sharing Crew Soccer and Blue Jacket hockey of C-bus ilk, all in a name change.  C-bus is Columbus, but the C-bus drives to Cleveland and Cinci.

New Orleans:  not quite yet.  But consider jumping in on some of the mentioned Southern hockey and baseball brand nods.  Ditto for the likes of Little Rock

Maybe my imagination down the line will let me figure on how all big time towns can be big five brothers circa 2085 AD or whatever.

Did I miss somebody?  What's the head count?

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