Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tag Team in your Town. A travel team. The West Coast Athletics and Raiders of Portland and Las Vegas Example

Let us say that the United States became a more cohesive place of less market initiative (or initiative by masses of people in general) in the form of a communist nation.  And as the Roman cathedrals would still play an integral role in our daily lives, sports carried forth.  And a grand dictator or king decided that each of the 50 territorial districts were to be granted a team (it would no longer be referred to as a franchise).

The king, upon consulting his experts, found out that the quality of play would suffer greatly, thus the competitiveness, and likely the viewership would soon follow.  The king then concedes that magically having 50 professional teams per league in the Big Four sports probably isn't the best idea.

"What about the sector capitals of Anchorage and Honolulu?!", the dictator exclaims.

"I have an idea", says the jest to his majesty.  "We will make one of the existing teams play there.  For football, baseball, basketball, soccer and hockey we will make it so!"

"How?", says the King of Sharing the Love. 

"Oakland's Stadium is dismal.  We'll either rehab or construct another one.  It's a good time to play at college stadiums in the mean time.  All we have to do is rename the team the "West Coast Athletics".  We can do the same thing to the Raiders", says the consultant.  "And for Portland and Oregon, sir, we shall include them and Las Vegas, Nevada.  We will build colosseums everywhere!"

"Sounds good" says his highness.  "What will be the format to include all of these regions under an umbrella team be called?"

"Tag Teams, sir", more appropriately, "travel tag teams".

He continued.  "Your magesty, I have thought of others in name, like a "North Coast" hockey team, plenty of East Coast and Southland teams".

"Very well then".

"We can lump questionable cities that wouldn't fill the stands night in and night out.  There are plenty out there.  I'll show you this, my king.  There is plenty of want without sustainability at present.  And when there's a need to accommodate more talent, cities can break away on their own when they can handle it".

"Gravy", said the king.  "Let them eat gravy.  Portland, Charlotte, Las Vegas, Nashville, Austin, Louisville and the outlands!"

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