Sunday, July 27, 2014

NFL in More Territory. No Expansion Necessary. My typical blender of ideas like the Midway Bears

What's your vote?
Where do they play?  Home games.  Where their camp games are housed in the season?  Take a look.

Midway Bears
 Chicago and Omaha
 Interesting places for some pre-season action?:  Iowa City, Witchita

Western Rams.... or the Westward Rams
  St. Louis and OKC
  Interesting places for some pre-season?:  Idaho, Montana.  interesting to think about Austin/San Antonio

Just another thought but I wouldn't mind the Washington Warriors playing some home camp games outside of the D.C. area, like in Morgantown.

West Coast Raiders
  Los Angeles, Portland and Las Vegas
  Interesting places for some pre-season?:  Albuquerque, SLC.  Maybe El Paso

Norde Force ((old Jacksonville team))
  Camp throughout CFL Canada

Southern Belles or Southern Saints
  New Orleans, central Alabama (Maybe Mobile instead?), Louisville and Jacksonville. 

Norde Force so as not to stir nationalism,...blatantly anyway.  A referenced wink and a nod to the Mounties.  I believe the CFL would survive as the national team hops coast to coast in Canada 8 weeks out of the year.

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