Saturday, September 20, 2014

Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas in Big Five Pro Sports. Idaho to boot.

Don't hold your breath but you already know that.

If a league could do it, do you think it could be NHL or MLS.

I say MLS.  I believe there's a stronger love for hockey, but cost-wise it has got to be MLS.

A few soccer stadiums could be built for Rancher or Cowboy futbol.  Places like Billings, Boise and Casper could fit the bill. The shale oil fields around North Dakota could put up a great facility and they could be a travel "home" team for the region bouncing around to camps for home games.  Anchor them in Boise, Idaho if this helps.  Boseman, Billings, Bismark and Pierre?  Out West Soccer.

Not a lot of bite in my argument for anytime soon.
From hardest pro sport to easiest to get, in order:

Williston, ND,_North_Dakota

click:  Dakota NHL Team

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