Thursday, January 15, 2015

MLB Urban Youth Academies. Emissaries and Embassies of Baseball and Teams

MLB Urban Youth Academies
Puerto Rico, Houston, New Orleans, Cincinnati and Compton/L.A..

In the works:
Cleveland, Detroit, Miami, Philadelphia and D.C..

Houston has an academy.  Technically, aesthetically or whatever, New Orleans falls within the Astros domain, though no Astros stuff is plastered dominance around there from what I know.
In the L.A. area, the Angels and Dodgers post up.

What if every team committed to an academy in the area proper within reach to the stadiums and then another in the region?  There's Urban.  What about Rural?

How would the Reds and Indians do it if Columbus is in between?  Would the minor league team be tasked?  The Columbus Clippers Community Center?  Worth a thought.

League of Nations

<----Cactus League
Grapefruit League
I have seen other maps indicating New Orleans falling under Astros Turf.  One being for the Regional Sports Networks.  This one is from a small facebook poll.

Some local thoughts for me are this:
The Cincinnati Reds could consider one in a rural area and another in the inner-city.  Just like with the sponsorship by a big business in Cincinnati, perhaps a Dayton company and one in West Virginia would help praise an academic-tutoring and extra-curricular place for kids to come.  You might get some more friends in Reds Country and take some away from Pittsburgh ; ) if you extend to the likes of West Virginia.  Would the Reds compete embassies in Nashville with the Braves?
The Reds do have a Caravan during the hot stove season to spread their word:

Are San Fran and Oakland tasked with figuring their urban academy?  What about your (insert team) Nation?  Any thoughts on a rural and urban outpost location to promote the game and serve as an outlet for the community?

WMLB and my Lady Redlegs v. the San Diego Madres

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