Monday, December 22, 2014

The NHL in Lincoln-Omaha. A Big League Team for Nebraska.

Baseball and football enthusiasts alike are aware of the college world series in Omaha and the football in Lincoln, respectively.  Basketball, ...well, yeah the Cornhusker do have hardwood also.

For those of us not in the know sports-wise and/or geography-wise, Omaha and Lincoln are about 50 miles apart.  With Omaha's 900k people in the area combined with about 300k of Lincoln folks we're talking a million people near the arena in the hockey plains metro.

With college puck, there is more than one team in town.
It's location is 180 miles away from Sioux Falls, South Dakota which is another city in hockey territory.  Folks in the region generally are accustomed to driving. so, I don't know, maybe that's like a hundred miles to we the populated area dwellers.  A halfway stop-off for those from South Dakota that might trek to see a match is Sioux City, Iowa which is a better halfway option than what looks like an equi-distant journey to check out the Minnesota Wilde.  Options, options.  And well, some 200 miles from Omaha is also Kansas City and Iowa's largest city.  The Des Moines journey is closer to Omaha than Twin City bigtime.

I know this is perhaps more of a spiritual stretch than an economically robust option, but it's something to chew on while awaiting the economy of crops and figuring finance:  how the big leagues could be in Nebraska.     

Hockey spectatorship is good in Omaha.


Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas in Big Five Pro Sports. Idaho to boot.

Dakota NHL Team

NFL for Oklahoma City, Witchita, Omaha, Little Rock and Des Moines

Midlakes Mustangs NHL Expansion Team

Also check out the INDEX for teams that could theoretically travel to a camp/home game in Omaha like the Heartland Royals.

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