Monday, January 26, 2015

Austin, Texas. MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL or MLS Next ????? Answer: #NHLExpansion

The answer:  MLS and NHL.  And likely the NHL first.

Austin is showing up in the spotlight a little late with regard to the big 3 sports.  You're surrounded by territorial bastards with a limited piece of the pie.  You are triangulated in the middle of the NBA near San Antonio and smothered by MLB's presence around Dallas and Houston.  Texans and Texas Rangers make you feel okay?  I hope so.

No doubt there is magnetism for Houston lacking the NHL.  Houston vacated their pro hockey.  The NHL wouldn't ignore that fact.  Just like Las Vegas lulls the leagues as virgin turf, Austin could beckon for south Texas and heart of America balance.

Is Austin for a pick a shocker?
Latino San Antonio gives you competition for soccer.  Maybe too much competition for Austin.  You're just too close.  I would love for the compromise to be in the form of a stadium in San Marcos under the name Texas Divided.  Slick, huh?

Aside from that compromise, I think you're the best bet for the next NHL team in Texas and the heart of the country in general.

More and more football in Texas isn't a shocker.  Even the international brand.  I bet hockey is more of a cosmopolitan fit in Austin than Phoenix or Miami.

A shocker wild card pick for the NHL would be Austin.  Hook 'em horny.

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