Saturday, August 16, 2014

NBA MidAmerican Express Travel Team (for Louisville, El Paso & Austin...and maybe St. Louis?)

Express?  Stallions?  Mid American Mustangs.  What about this travel team camping in Louisville and Texas?  What about something funky?  ...Like American Heart Railroad.  I don't know.

I read a 2012 bleacherreport article (below) that talked of having an NBA team in place like El Paso.  It mentioned that markets similar to it but a little bigger that don't have a team were the cities of Louisville and Austin.  I believe all three deserve a team.
How could that work in the coming decade?
From Louisville to El Paso it's 1500 miles.

El Paso doesn't really encroach another market, Austin and Louisville arguably do.  Austin is the largest American city without pro sports.

Let's do this.  Let's get more of a region to love it.  Get invested in it.  Let's set up camp for a travel team.  Let us give it a few homes.  From Kentucky to Texas.  Mid American Express?  Kentucky-Texas Railroad?
Central Continentals?
Wouldn't St. Louis be a good stop off for the NBA?


Pound that into your brainbox and swirl it around a couple times. Spirits of St. Louis

Link:  unscientific poll        Luke warm.  Test the waters with one's feet.  Just camp it there.  Pull out of camps as necessary.   See if one place just really shows out time and time again to make a home wherever forever.  Trotters basketball.  Continentals Basketball.

El Paso

San Antonio Spurs

What about travel teams for other sports?  Feasible?  Louisville Baseball above.

Big Four Railroad Bridge Louisville KY

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