Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Western Cities That Get More Pro Teams. And Las Vegas.

I should I say more western cities that get more pro teams in my book:

Seattle:  NBA and NHL
And you're sharing with Las Vegas, Portland, maybe Arizona and L.A..

So, the NHL is going to expand by 4, is it?  Well, I'm going to kills some bird with one salvo.  If it was up to me, hockey in Glendale would be gone.  You, Portland and some consideration for Las Vegas would be given on the hockey front as the West Coast Coyotes.  But in the expansion I want to give you a West Coast team.  Name it whatever sounds good.  I think the play on "Whales" and rolling with Vegas as well as the northwest bay super towns is a neat idea.

And say hello to the West Coast Clippers.  Yeah, you and Vegas are in on that deal.

 click:  Seattle with the NBA Team Again. And a New NHL Team

Portland:  NFL, NHL and MLB !!!

You read that up there with Seattle, didn't you?  You have your hockey team camping out at your place.
And now you're getting the West Coast Raiders with Vegas and a little bit of LA.

And yes, you're getting the Athletics with Las Vegas, also.

Los Angeles is a no-shit Sherlock for the NFL.
You house the West Coast Raiders part-time for camp games.
And St. Louis loses their Rams, becoming your LA Rams again.  Time-and-a-half football, big time again.  Not double-time again like the New Jersey Giants and Jets or anything.  But way better than the last 20 years for you.

Salt Lake City, I have to tell you that maybe you should flop names with New Orleans on the hardwood.
Could I surmise some MLB, NFL and NHL for you? 

I'm leaning towards giving you some pre-season game action on the West Coast brands.  Don't call me, I'll call you.
Actually, I want someone to call me.  I was just acting hard.

Sacramento, it's ditto for you on preseason for the West Coast football and baseball brand, at least.  But I have a surprise for you.  You have the West Coast Goats.  Screw L.A. football team II. 

And below, San Diego gets West Coast Ghosts soccer club love with you.  As does,.....drum roll, please:  .....Las Vegas.

San Diego:  same preseason beat for Clippers and Whales hockey.

Boise, you may feel that I snubbed you a little if I threw in Vegas, and don't fret.  Check out your towns in the CLICK INDEX:

San Jose is Spanish for "San Francisco".  San Jose Sharknadoes sounds fun though.

Arizona and Major League Soccer?  I put you a MLS team in Tucson when the league lets me.  And when I have more money than I know what to do with.  click:  Arizona Major League Soccer Franchise should be placed in Tucson

OKC, I'm keeping you in the stable for now.

San Antonio, I don't see why the Texans couldn't throw you a game and the Texas Rangers couldn't float you a few series.

Any leftovers?  Left outs?

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