Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My MADdenized Map of New NFL Turf. The Question is how fertile it is

                                                               Jared Fanning Map that I snatched from online.
Map of the NFL that I Maddenized.
The only beef I have with it is how everyone must hate the Phoenix Cardinals, but love the Arizona Cards.

The biggest cities in the  "unincorporated" West Region are:
                  and then
Las Vegas
Salt Lake City

Out of those 4 states there are only two NBA teams with Utah and Portland belonging inside the realm of the big 3.

You could throw Albuquerque and San Antonio in there if you want.
Or you could just call it Southwest and have Oklahoma City in on the deal.

You could have Central and have OKC with Witchita and Omaha while punching Chiefs Country in the turf.
Take Little Rock.  Or throw Arkansas in with the "Southern" team which embraces Mississippi and Alabama lovin'.  Jacksonville can be a site of the south too.  Kentucky could get in on that action.

If I were League Dictator, I'd toss St. Louis's current love-like to Los Angeles.  Then I'd have a Delta Dog team shared for Louisville and the Gateway City (and maybe even consider some Memphis).   I might even retag New Orleans as the "Southern Saints".  A good time for it right?  Many Orleaneans are spread out across the country now.

Does not L.A. need a team?  Just wow.  Twenty friggin' years.
Rams, just move there.  Jags, take a hike up north where the maple leaves grow.

Oakland, Tampa, Jacksonville and St. Louis readers don't have to like me I suppose.  But hey, I didn't X out your Jams or Raguires on the map.

Is this NFL Country as we see it?  Google Image search "NFL map"

Here's where the helmets call home, adding the Browns and Texans:
billsportsmaps.com is fantastic

Football in the Southeast!  That's concentration.  Carolina and Jacksonville landed the expansion 20 years ago.
College Country (cxruso.edublogs.org)

Some kid out in internet neverland hurt my feelings and left out the Bengals.  Punked the Chiefs too.

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  1. Just south of the heart of Texas and close to the Gulf, I didn't put a pretty yellow dot over Monterrey.