Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cincinnati: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

My Queen City only with the Big 2.
Okay, so I'm kind of squared away.  Got the best two to have.
I can sing the first professional sports franchise in America.   The real Red Stockings.
More times than not, I have whatchable hometown football on Saturday and Sunday.
And I have not been totally absent from hockey and basketball.

We've had two minor league hockey squads simultaneously.

We have two very good historical NCAA Division I college teams only miles away from each other.  Oscar Robertson played on Cincinnati's NBA team of long ago.

Without Columbus having a team, I would think on Major League Soccer and the NHL more.  Paul Brown Stadium is an easy facilitator of MLS.

If ever a bid, I'd suggest the location of an NBA or NHL or NBA/NHL or even perhaps an all soccer stadium for Cincinnati to be placed on the north side of town to draw in perhaps even more Ohio suburbanites.

And you think Duke and NC can get ugly......
Do you think the Tar Heels and Blue Devils ten miles apart is a distance?  Try 3 miles.  It's a Crosstown Shootout.  Showdown.  Whatever.  NBA?  Maybe in my lifetime.  Personally don't care much anymore.  Big time requires mercenaries to represent a front for the hometown.  That's how I feel anyway.

The Big Two
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Soccer in Cincinnati #MLSCincinnatiSoccer #CincinnatiOlympics

Personally, I'm torn between the choice of having an MLS or NHL team and picking just one.  Ice hockey games in the streets isn't exactly the most practical thing for the youth of every community.  I might have to lean towards soccer.  Wish I would have had some Steve Nash footwork as a youngin' on the hardwood with a foundation on the world's sports field (soccer).

What do you think, Cincinnatians and my regional brethren?

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#NHLCincinnati #MLSCincinnatiSoccer #NBACincinnati #MLSCincinnati

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