Friday, January 9, 2015

Portland Blue Sox for Major League Baseball

Baseball expansion has progressed westward and thus far, so have the colors of Red, White and ________ whose next?  Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox and ... .
There's a minor league team in Utica, NY.  And various amateur clubs across the country like in Lexington, MA.  They use the name Blue Sox.
And there is a historical connection in name to my beloved Cincinnati area:

Across the river from Cincinnati

Since I'm not of Portland, the decision is easy for me:  the Portland Blue Sox.

170 miles from Seattle and 600 from San Fran.

An added reason that expansion is tough these days is revenue sharing between owners.  You're asking them to get what might amount to a smaller slice of the pie.  And you're asking them to relinquish television territory.  So there is resistance to expansion.  I think that the Giants would be much cooler with the Athletics relocating to Portland.  And of course the Mariners want Portland to still root for them.  It's a fight!

click:  Names for a Portland and Charlotte MLB team ***Work in Progress***

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