Wednesday, July 23, 2014

NFL for Oklahoma City, Witchita, Omaha, Little Rock and Des Moines

A team named the Heartland Stampede.  A travel home camp team for the heart of the country

First season:  two games in either Tulsa, Norman, or Stillwater Oklahoma.  Two in Iowa City.  Maybe one or two in Little Rock, Lawrence, Kansas and Omaha.

Utilize some of the big college football stadiums.  Maybe anchor the franchises more with two towns having 3 home games a piece and single special games in another town.  I could see Des Moines and Oklahoma City building stadiums to win this nod from the NFL.  These cities could get 3 home games.  In another year, a camp game in the Heartland region could take place in Little Rock and Witchita one year and then Omaha and then a special carnival setup game in the western Dakota oilfields the next.  Better than nothing.  And places can show the NFL that they're ready when it's time.

Bakken Field Flares from Space. Burning Natural Gas as a Waste in North Dakota.
Since expansion isn't really hip or business savvy at this time, maybe St. Louis should be thrown in said mix and we talk about the Gateway Rams or Heartland Rams or just stick with the Stampede theme and have an interesting rivalry with Kansas City in the middle of enemy camps.

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