Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Attendance at Big League Games. Some of the World.

A lot of money is required for a baseball and hockey town at the big league level.
Below is a table from the link.  It's the some top leagues ranked for Attendance.
The NHL edged out the NBA over the season.

Out of the Big Five, you can see the world has a grasp on soccer football.  One day the MLS will make it in there somewhere.

LeagueSportCountrySeasonGamesAverage attendanceTotal attendance
Major League BaseballBaseballUnited States / Canada20132,42630,514[1]74,026,895
Nippon Professional BaseballBaseballJapan201386425,517[2]22,047,491
National Hockey LeagueIce hockeyUnited States / Canada2011–121,230[Note 1]17,455[3][Note 2]21,470,155
National Basketball AssociationBasketballUnited States / Canada2013–141,23017,408[4]21,411,543
National Football LeagueAmerican footballUnited States201325668,401[5][Note 3][6][7][8]17,510,569
Premier LeagueAssociation footballEngland / Wales[Note 4]2013–1438036,65713,929,810[9]
BundesligaAssociation footballGermany2013–1430643,501[10]13,311,300
La LigaAssociation footballSpain2013–1438027,05310,280,362[11]
Football League ChampionshipAssociation footballEngland2013–1455216,1688,989,605[12]


Baseball Ireland?

Perhaps, at first, due to logistical concerns, some overseas teams that could be in Major League Baseball, like a Tokyo or Sydney, could act more as travel teams during more of the regular season.

Looking at those that are tops in attendance, you can't help but think about Japan and Australia as a Way West or Way East Division for world MLB.  A counterbalance to that is a team in London and where else?  Something further out but perhaps feasible like Venezuela?

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