Monday, January 5, 2015

Minor League Hockey: AHL and ECHL Maps

Note some big league brand claims:
Texas Stars (Dallas) of Austin
Iowa Wild (Minnesota)
Albany Devils (New Jersey)
Worcester Sharks (San Jose) of Massachusettes
Providence Bruins (Boston)

Rochester (AHL) and Allen, TX (ECHL) Americans

Some bids I've talked about and have been heard about in NHL media cycles (AND ARE NOT SHOWN ON THE MAPS, which essentially demonstrate Triple A and Double A hockey) is Las Vegas, Portland and Seattle.  The northwest cities have good junior hockey presence, which is essentially Canada's minor league hockey.

Milwaukee and Cleveland are in the next level to the Bigs.  And for a Great Lakes brand, Indy and Cinci are a level below that.

Wide geographic names in the leagues:
Idaho, Utah, Missouri, South Carolina, Iowa, Missouri and Alaska as well as (Double-time:)  Colorado, Florida (represented in the NHL also).  There is the Chicago Wolves alternative to the Blackhawks. Oklahoma City is a name that encapsulates the state enough probably like Kansas City for baseball's Royals.



What do you see for the next NHL expansion?  The locks seem to be Toronto2 and Quebec City.  The American side of the ice?
Seattle and Las Vegas to balance the west?  Why not Portland?  Is it because the Coyote toting floating league wants to the first major league stationed in Vegas?

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