Saturday, December 13, 2014

Oklahoma City: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

With 1.3 million people in the metro area, that's about a million less than my Cincinnati.  OKC's enthusiasm for hosting regular season games while New Orleans was in rehab showed the National Basketball Association that big league ball was a fit for Sooner than later.
Also home of the Barons ( hockey),  Redhawks newly renamed the Dodgers (baseball team of Los Angeles affiliation) and a heaping of college football, it has to be considered more than ignored.

I-35 and OKC run through the heart of America
All that football 'round Okietown but not in the Big League.  Central city competition for NFL football might be more robust of a weekly attendance option.  Think of the main pigskin places in Arkansas and Nebraska.  And don't forget San Antonio.
click:  Oklahoma Oilers in the NFL

The sun will shine,...big and bright, clap clap clap clap, deep in the hearts of okies.  Someday. 

What a great Rangers rival it would be for MLB.  And KC.  And Minnesota
200 miles from Dallas, about 350 from KC and a thoughtful candidate in Little Rock, if ever a need for balance as a central expansion team, OKC looks to be it.  Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska combined equals the pop of OKC, even if they're baseball heart is the same.  Competition for the bid would be Nashville, which is longitudinally nestled between the National League Central cities of Chicago and Cincinnati. 

Since Texas has a stronger baseball presence than the south's sole claim in Atlanta, baseball's soul might lean to the tune of Nashville and Charlotte first.  But then that east lean might beckon balance for Portland in the west and a call for something central.  Anyway,..... moving along.

Hockey seems further off.  Houston doesn't even float or slide a team yet.  MLS maybe has better of a chance.

That football in OKC and Stillwater.  In Okie-miles that's those spots are the same distance as Cincinnati to Dayton.  Yep, the NFL seems the best bet of them all, enthusiasm-wise.

For more Oklahoma City big league sports options, to include travel teams, check out the index.

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