Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Orleans: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

Nothing I'm about to say to sports-minded and geography-minded individuals is going to be brilliant, especially if you are a native and lover of New Orleans.  But here she goes:

Football and Basketball is big time American enough.  New Orleans has a national stage every year.  Additionally, football is represented in college and arena.

But the cream of le crop of American Apple Pie and Big Time cities is the ol' passtime of baseball.
Currently, the Triple-A team for the Marlins is the New Orleans Zephyrs.  Before 1978, the Pelicans (now the name of the NBA team) played baseball in the minors. Major League Baseball has an Urban Youth Academy in town and that's great.  There are seven across the country right now, and other than New Orleans the only other outside of a MLB town is in Puerto Rico.

Over a million people call the area home.  Right now, that figure doesn't come close to cutting it for MLB's business model.  There are a lot of considerations for other cities before a thought of New Orleans.

Rounding out the Big 4, you would need hockey.  For seeing hockey:  maybe not in my lifetime for the NHL.  Dey just don't care.  I think it's a safe guess, though crazier things have happened, like teams sludging through Florida and Arizona.

Big Five?
New Orleans.  A port at the heart of America.

Get 'dat football team.  Land Major League Soccer.  Regionally, I would put my money on Austin or San Antonio next, but I bet it's in your future before anything else.

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