Thursday, January 8, 2015

If Ever a Big League Team in West Virginia

The two largest cities in West Virginia have about 50,000 people in them.  Their areas wrap around over a half million people.  The most eyeball on West Virginia at one time is for the Mountaineers city of Morgantown, which borders the southern reaches of the Pittsburgh area.

There's not a huge lump of people spread on the land of hills and mountains.  So, for a big league justification, a population would have to be gathered and it likely couldn't be a weekday or few.  As a West Virginian, you're salivating for pro football, right?

Maybe you know that your best best at a weekly venue would be Major League Soccer, right? 
I think a brand called the "Bootleggers" would draw in some esprit de corp.  Mountain State Bootleggers or WV Bootleggers (Bootleggers W.V. or Mountain Divided).
A team could play in a few spots.  Spreading the map more, you could do time in Hampton Roads and Charleston as a Virginia Divided named team.  Or something.

An amateur's napkin scratch of Hatfield & McCoy homage for a Bootleggers Major League Soccer brand.

If you shared time, camping some "home" games in Nashville or Charlotte under an Appalachian moniker, I bet you would have some fun.  The Appalachian Bootleggers?  Appalachia United?

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