Wednesday, January 7, 2015

If ever MINOR League Baseball in Cincinnati

Or rather: If ever (More) Minor League Baseball in Cincinnati.
The Florence Freedom play in the Pioneer League.

Florence, Kentucky is pretty much south Cincinnati.  The team is in an independent league (not MLB affiliated) and runs a program for teams of kids aged 14 - 18 for use of their field.

Just up I-75, the Reds minor league A-ball Dayton Dragons tout one of the most successful draws in professional sports.  Twice the distance, a hundred miles down river, our triple-A Louisville Bats round the bases.

Would minor league baseball closer and more intimate to the Queen City work out?  Probably so.  Some argue, Cincinnati is the largest little town.  Some would say Reno is the biggest little city or some such.

Pictured is where the Florence Freedom play across the Ohio River.

Cincinnatians.  Where would be a good place for a baseball stadium?

A 5,000 seater in an independent league like the Pioneer?
An 7,000 seater closer to the 9000 to rival record attendance of the one in Dayton?

Going along with my thoughts of possible travel teams, I like this idea for a club on both sides of Vine Street:
The Eastsiders, placed some place closer or in Clermont County.   And.
The Westsiders, placed wherever there is room for something like a 5k seat facility, maybe Harrison (?) or some property out by North Bend or Saylor Park.  Two 5k stadiums, one on each side of town.

These teams could spend 3/4 of their time barnstorming or traveling.  And that East side West side matchup cross-town series, at least one here, one there... that could grow into a thing of beauty.

And those stadiums, no matter what, they can get quite a bit of usage by all ages across the Cincinnati spectrum.  My Roy Hobbs League, among other places was playing games at St. Xavier High School and places like Triangle Park (the sight of the NFL's first game, lineage-wise) up in Dayton.

Where would be awesome spots to build stadiums in Cinci?
Newtown?  Eastgate?
North of Colerain and I-275?  A ballpark along the river?

What would be some good ballparks for Eastsiders to be playing ball in?  Newark?  The stadium for that old team is now home plate for some New Jersey colleges.  Could the Eastsiders play in Columbia, SC?  Puerto Rico exhibitions?  Cuba?  Westsiders in Portland for some share-time?  Alaska?  Honolulu?  Boise?

 Photo (left) is a story of 
workers coming home to the Westside.

Is my idea Batty?
Should I be happy with the Reds in the Biggs and the regular ol' amateur circuit with some independent pro action across the river?

Some EAST/WEST illustration:

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