Saturday, September 6, 2014

At Least Two New American NHL Teams in Addition to the Two New Canadian Ones.

Swirl this around in your mind hole:

Some team names like the North Coast Fleet and the West Coast Armada.

North Coast Fleet in Cleveland, Milwaukee and Seattle.
West Coast Fleet in Portland and Las Vegas.

Or what about including Indianapolis and Cincinnati into the Great Lakes Invaders regional brand with Cleveland and Milwaukee.  That would be 10 home (camp) games in each city to start.  And then you would have the West Coast team of Seattle, Portland and Las Vegas.  I would love for this to be the old Phoenix Coyotes team.  So, why stop at the Arizona border?

How about a third expansion (and by expansion I mean an expansion of territory in a re-location/co-location)?  Yep, that's the Arizona Coyotes re-branded into something more Western or West Coast with the cities of Seattle, Portland and maybe Las Vegas.

If the model worked, OKC, central Texas and Kansas City could muster up the NHL brand a little down the road.  And then maybe a success could mean Nashville expanding the Predator brand as a Southern Predator brand camp all the way to Atlanta, ....and maybe New Orleans sometimes.

Wouldn't it be practical for the Florida Panthers to fold, embrace the Southern Predators along with Nashville and Atlanta?  That vacated slot then becomes the new Quebec City Team.  Toronto expands.  The Coyotes can fold in with Portland and Seattle.  And then the Great Lakes brand comes into play with a region including Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Cleveland and Cincinnati... .

That's two expansion teams and at least 8 new NHL cities in addition to 3 territorial re-brands!!!  Apparel sales for the brands of West, South and the North Coast/Great lakes areas?  Yeah.  Money!

AHL teams already in places like Milwaukee and Cleveland.

Cincinnati, once a two-team hockey town at two arenas.  Once the Mighty Ducks, among others and the Cyclones still.

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