Sunday, September 7, 2014

Yankees Hockey: The Great Lakes/North Coast Hockey Team. A New NHL Franchise and Concept

Name of a new NHL franchise?

North Coast Yankees.

A Steinbrenner group owner?

Northland or Great Lakes?


A hockey team housed in Syracuse, Cleveland and Milwaukee?  And maybe alongside Cincinnati and Indianapolis.  Five cities for home camps?  One team tag-team traveling through the Great Lakes Megalopolis and their cities is a thought that having a part-time team is better than not having one at all.  Attendances busting at the seams is harder to ignore for a breakaway expansion bid.

Spit-balling the idea.  Give it a try.

What kind of design could it be under the same ownership group?

Just spit-balling

From top to bottom, think (middle) hockey puckish tinted "C" in the middle and (bottom) think puck and hockey stick with the hat.

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