Monday, December 1, 2014

West Coast Whales NHL Team in Seattle, Portland and Las Vegas

With the impending news of the NHL likely expanding to Seattle along with Quebec City and another Toronto team, I can't help but wish the NHL would help expand into other markets of contention like Las Vegas and Portland.  Arizona's Coyotes didn't move to Seattle and that sucks.  I would've gone for the West Coast Coyotes in Portland and/or Seattle.  Consideration to Salt Lake City wouldn't even be bad.

Why not the West Coast Whales?  Why not some love for Anchorage from time to time.  Why not an Islanders vs. Whales match up from time to time in Honolulu?

Why don't these sports leagues want more viewers in this time where viewership is so big and lessening the importance of actual attendance?  Regional Sports Networks (RSN) in below-link means money.  That's how, as a Cincinnatian I can catch some Blue Jackets games up from Columbus.  Even while the Whales were camped in Seattle or Portland, I'd be watching them from Las Vegas.  Innovative logistics.

Why not maximize an expansion of 3 teams?
How about 3 teams at least hitting 8 more markets.

It could be something to the tune of at least like 6 new U.S. markets with a team name of "West Coast".  Do exhibitions in the likes of Anchorage, SLC and San Diego on top of splitting 40 regular season home games between Sin City, Trailblazer and Mariner town.  Years down the line during the next expansion perhaps there would be a breakaway like Portland and then Boise could step in to fill the void by that time.

Why not a West Coast coined brand, at least in name?  Even a West Coast Whales franchise playing in Portland would sell a whole lot of jerseys in San Diego.  I bet.  Oh, well maybe the NHL isn't interested in bigger apparel sales.

Sharing can mean caring.  To have some than none at all.  Don't hate; innovate.

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