Thursday, March 13, 2014

NHL Regional Coverage. For Now. West__ South __ Great Lakes

A travel-tag-team, much like the pro team of the Kansas City-Omaha Kings team existed?

Great Lakes:
Cleveland, Milwaukee, Indianapolis and Cincinnati
And bring in the Syracuse region.
Would this be an okay fallback for the Blue Jackets franchise?

Western  Coyotes:
Take Phoenix.  Bring in Seattle and Kansas City.
Places like Houston and OKC in the future.

Nashville and Atlanta for now.
Maybe Southern Eagles or Predators.

Obviously I'm not a well-rounded critiquer concerning the state of hockey franchises, but personally I'd move the Islanders to the Great Lakes brand and camps.  I'd share Nashville with Atlanta for the Southern Brand and share Arizona with Seattle and Portland with considerations for others for the Western brand (like Houston and Las Vegas).

NHL's Struggling Franchises
Las Vegas No. 2 on expansion list?

See some ideas below.
Cities that hold hockey and places that could be NHL camps.  Regions of Great Lakes, Southern and Western are blocked off.  "Everyone" could have an NHL team to point to for their's.

See way more talk about big league expansion, relocation and co-location throughout the blog:  INDEX        Like Norde Force NFL Football Canada

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  1. As posts go on, you can see how I've evolved to choose Austin over Houston for the next Texas team on the ice.