Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Fast Pitch for Expansion in the Big Five Sports Leagues. Westward Hockey and Soccer.

My Fastest Pitch for Expansion is Regional Tag Team Co-location  in the Big Five Sports Leagues.  And it's for Westward Hockey and Soccer, NHL & MLS.

For my Expansion Pitch, I think the best opportunities lie within Major League Soccer and the National Hockey League.

And I see that opportunity from San D. to Seattle.  A West Coast deemed franchise

I wouldn't mind seeing this happen:

I want to see an expansion of place and name.

Name in one league. NHL- A more inclusive branding.  Instead of a team being named Portland or Seattle (or even Las Vegas), call it "West Coast" no matter which venue is "home field".
West Coast Hawkies?

Places in another. MLS     -More home towns that a team plays (camps) in.
                                                  San Diego (new) field (and/or Carson) and Las Vegas
                           ...or even consider Tucson, AZ (click below)
West Coat Goats?

Arizona Major League Soccer Franchise should be placed in Tucson

Will MLS embrace a "West Coast" Moniker Brand? Be the First.

One team playing in a couple of cities.  West Coast team in Vegas and Southern Cali.

NHL: Seattle expansion team (or Las Vegas or Portland)
MLS:  The old Chivas USA whose spot in the league is to become the new LA Football Club set to play in 2017, setting its sites on it's own stadium.

I would like to see Seattle awarded a franchise in the NHL and be called the West Coast Whatevers.   I mean, I would love for them to play camp games in Portland and Las Vegas also, but let's cite Seattle as a possible hometown with a broader name, like Golden State is in Oakland and Foxborough is to New England.
Since Soccer venues are cheaper.  I would like to see the Chivas playing at current L.A. digs and/or San Diego, alongside Las Vegas.  And maybe be called the Americanized West Coast Goats for now. 
In above link, look at the costs charted in the last pages.  Roughly speaking, basketball, hockey and soccer venues are half of what baseball and football ones are.
To the point that soccer is the cheapest franchise purchase and economic housing requirements in all of the leagues ($15 billion in a market), I would like to go with soccer as a regional team that camps in a few markets.

I guarantee the winner would be West Coast apparel and certainly NHL or MLS merchandizing.

Some say, economically, expansion is unwise if not questionable, at least in the States for hockey.  Soccer has a little bit of room, at least for the likes of the Carolinas, Minnesota and St. Louis.

The NHL had thoughts of sharing home games with another city before, Saskatoon with St. Louis.  The NBA's Kings was shared with Missouri (both KC and St.L) and Nebraska before.

click:   MLS most feasible chance at travel team/home-camp shared team model. A Few Examples.

Two football clubs in Los Angeles with two different stadiums?  Well, I would prefer a stadium in places like San Diego and Las Vegas for a wider and singular West Coast team.  What better way to toe-touch into a market and expand more territorially and gradually.

See more expansion, co-location and relocation talk for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer on my blog 

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